We are very excited about what has happened in our lives! Len is 65 years old. His story actually begins in 1962 at the age of 29. He was having what we found out later was a TIA's or small strokes. An example of a TIA was his vision would blur and his left arm felt numb, he would have to stop whatever he was doing for at least 15 minutes. These "spells" occurred often, especially in the 5 years before his stroke. Len went to a doctor and was given an EEG and EKG and was diagnosed with "BAD NERVES". He was prescribed valium, which is very addictive and causes associated side effects. Also his TIA's continued for 20 years.

On June 5, 1982 at the age of 49 Len had a massive stroke. He was diagnosed with premature hardening of the arteries, exclusively to the neck. His stroke was on the right side of the brain which affected the left side of his body. June 8, 1982, doctors operated and cleaned out the artery on the right side which was 100% blocked, but he was left with little or no feeling in his left side. In 1983 after another "angiogram" he was told the artery on the left side, affecting the right side of his body, was 70% blocked.

The only treatment prescribed was 3 aspirin per day. He was told by the surgeon that he could expect another stroke in 1 to 5 years.

It was January 1996 that my brother, Happy Davis of Byemoor, Alberta approached us about Oraflow Plus, a product from Nutrition For Life. We were hard to convince but in September 1996 we listened. Len started taking Oraflow Plus in October 1996. Well to us it was like a miracle. After only 2 weeks, he had just stared taking 4 pills in the morning and 4 pills in the evening, he began to get the feeling back in his left side.

At first he was frightened because of the tingling feeling, especially in his left wrist and hand, where he had little or no feeling for 14 years. Near the same time he realized he could drive with his left hand, something he hadn't been able to do for 14 years. Also his left leg is back to normal and his face has regained its natural shape, which several people have commented on. To say we were excited was a huge understatement.

On maintenance Len takes 5 Oraflow Plus and 1 Phytonol a day, for life. He has added Requin 3(shark cartilage), Marine Lipids, Prolong, Phytogreen and Calcium. He says he feels better (has lots of energy). He certainly looks better and acts better then he has for 30 years... Thanks to the wonderful pure products of Nutrition For Life.

Len Hayes

I am very grateful for the added life Oraflow Plus has given me. In 1988 I had an emergency by-pass surgery. For about 8 years I felt pretty good. Then I started having chest pains again. I was sent for another angiogram. They found out that three or four arteries were plugged. They couldn't tell me for sure, because on the operating table I has having a heart attack and they had to stop. They then booked me for surgery again.

I heard about Oraflow Plus and started taking the full dose. Ten pills a day for three months or three bottles, and then the maintenance dose, which are five pills a day for six months. The first week I noticed a great difference. I could take walks without taking Nitro all the time. Within three months there was just about no pain as long as I didn't over do it. I went to my doctor and told her how I felt and what I was doing, and she said "Whatever you're doing, keep it up". The hospital phoned me and told me the day of my surgery, and I canceled it on the advice of my doctor. Within eighteen months they did another angiogram on my. They were shocked to see that my arteries has opened up to eighty percent, except for the artery of the first by-pass, it was making it's own by-pass around the blockage.

To say the least Oraflow Plus has actually saved my life. If I hadn't been taking it, who knows...

I am still taking it today, and most likely always will. I feel better than I have in years, and I have my energy back. Thank you Nutrition For Life.

Lorraine Kelly

I am 68 years of age. In 1981, before age 50 I has a heart attack. With medication and a slowed down lifestyle I carried on quite well until the early spring of 1999. My activities became more restricted, and chest pains because quite regular. I started using Nitro, which I had not done before. Sometime during the summer my doctor had arranged for me to have an angiogram on November 17th. The Cardiologist told me that my two main arteries were totally blocked. The only solution he had for me was more medication and exercise. Little did he know that I had been exercising more than he suggested for years. My problem got so bad that in the morning I could not always go to the bathroom without taking Nitro. On November 30th I started walking on the treadmill again, 3 times a day for 30 minutes each time, and lots of Nitro.

On December 10th I started using Oraflow Plus and Phytonal. By December 17th I was walking for 120 minutes, December 23rd I went to 142 minutes. I was still using some Nitro, but time and distance kept increasing. January 7th, 2000, which is week 5, I walked for 5 hours (3 sessions) a distance of 10.25 miles with no Nitro being used. I have used no Nitro since that say for walking, and I have walked up to 51/2 hours a distance of 11.5 miles. I am still not finished with the 14 weeks, but thinks are going well. I expect to go on the maintenance program when I am done. With proper diet, exercise and Nutrition For Life products I except to get more of my health back.

Thank you Nutrition For Life. I believe this is only the beginning.

Abe Sawatzky

Posted by Rebecca Novello on June 09, 2017